Useful Links

Cornwall Rural Community Charity
CRCC’s Community Development Team provides support to community groups in Cornwall and the essential services they provide in the community. The Team do this in several ways

  •  Helping groups find funding
  •  Reviewing the way groups work (Governance including Policies)
  •  Business planning
  • Training

If you think the Community Development Team could help you please complete their Referral Form and a member of their team will then be happy to speak to you.

County Playing Fields Association


National governing body for all county playing field associations and dedicated to protecting people’s right to access local outdoor community facilities for sport, play and recreation.  The CPFA  through their network of local county bodies collectively  lobby Government and policy makers to make a difference for the local communities which they serve.  Their website has a number of free resources and  a free quarterly newsletter.


Fields in Trust


Working to protect vital open spaces all across the UK.  From sports pitches to children’s playgrounds, bicycle trails to country parks they aim to  make sure that all kinds of outdoor spaces are safeguarded forever.  Their website contain resources such as toolkit’s on managing outdoor spaces, sample deeds and constitutions etc

For a list of FIT protected sites click here

Charity Commission


Regulates all registered charities in England and Wales.  Has numerous Fact Sheets and “how to” guides enabling organisations to ensure they are running properly.