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Sharon Davey has provided CCPFA with support several times over the time she has worked for the CRCC for 31 years providing administration services. A keen volunteer Tina has worked with Probus Young Farmers Club and is secretary of her local community building. This experience has given her a good understanding of the many difficulties facing voluntary groups and organisations.

bigpicLoic Rich is currently a Truro City Councillor and has vast experience in areas such as economy, culture, transport and religious education. He has served as  chairman of the Cornwall Council Harbours Board and Mayor of Truro. Loic is  now providing valuable support through his experience and knowledge to the CCPFA.



pj-thumb-280x186Peter Jefferson, 

Peter Jefferson has been Chair of CCPFA for two years.  He gladly stepped into the role during 2014 with the aim to help steer the charity through a period of redevelopment.  Using his experience from his day job as CEO of CRCC he has been able to provide direction and stability as CCPFA becomes a Limited Liability Charity and one that helps the playing fields across Cornwall with training and accessing funding.

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