What we do

The CCPFA advises and assist local community groups and organisations, such as playing field associations, sports clubs, management committees of any open space or town and parish councils. The CCPFA’s aim is to help communities meet the recreational needs within their locality through the protection and development of community owned or managed facilities. These can include recreation grounds, sports pitches, playgrounds, parks and open spaces, pavilions and halls.

The CCPFA is a membership organisation.  Membership of the CCPFA entitles volunteers and committee members/trustees to access our “one stop shop” members area which includes:

  • Advice and signposting on technical issues relating to sports, recreation and play facilities.
  • Advice and assistance on fundraising from grant awarding organisations.
  • Advice and signposting on facility management issues such as playground inspection, turf maintenance, budgeting and project management.
  • Advice on charity issues such as creating a new local charity, land tenure issues and assisting with organisational development.
  • Training, for example in playground inspection and sports leadership.
  • Access to the CCPFA’s quarterly newsletter publicising current issues and local news
  • Support with campaigning to protect playing fields when they are threatened by development.