Coronavirus ? Covid-19

Coronavirus Update

Well, Trustees.  Coronavirus is amongst us but we are almost certainly going to have to reopen our play areas for the public and manage the risks.  This page provides advice and guidance that we have drawn from various sources.

What should you be considering? 

1    Insurance:   Check with Insurers as to the cover when you reopen.  Check with the insurers what hoops you need to jump through prior to a trustee/volunteer meeting as, without their acceptance of the risk, there may be no point in continuing with the meeting.

 2   Signage:       Remove field closed signs. Erect generic new distancing/spacing/maximum group number signs.  (Keep space on signs available to allow for ‘amendments’ as rules change).

3    Working Inspection:     Your playing field equipment has not been used for many weeks you need to check that it is in a safe working order.

4    Information:     Publish details of opening and limitations as to use of equipment in the Parish Magazine.

5    Specific items of equipment   You need to apply common sense when looking at the potential hazards and specific equipment at your playing fields.  Get independent advise if you are unsure. Items that you may wish to consider:

  • Water fountains
  • Tunnel slides
  • Swings/roundabouts/climbings frames
  • Seats for parents/fans – can they be relocated to spread them out?

Would a daily wipe down clean be appropriate?  Can materials for self cleaning by parents be provided or would they be removed.

Should specific items be closed?

The up to date advice from the Government is …..

Published 23 June 2020

From The 4th July  advice is as follows:

“All other businesses and venues can reopen from 4 July. Examples are shown below including links to guidance to ensure their safe-reopening…..


Funfairs, theme parks, adventure parks and activities
Outdoor gyms and playgrounds

Outdoor skating rinks

Thus all playing fields can re-open unless local virus hotspots and rules modify this……..”