Dealing with dogs on your playing fields

Interesting Government article on this issue including details of all relevant legislation and suggestions on how to deal with this ever increasing problem:

How to deal with dogs on the playing field is an eternal issue that many playing field managers and users face. Local authorities must take into account the fact that the community playing field is a resource for the whole community. They must therefore balance the needs of all users – people need to have access to dog free areas and areas where dogs are kept under strict control, (this especially applies to children’s play areas), but similarly, dog owners need to have places where they are able to exercise their dogs without restrictions. Dogs are in general friendly animals, providing much comfort and enjoyment to their owners, and rather than condemn dogs in general, we should look at ways for them to co-exist with the requirements of safe play and recreation. Continue reading

Sports England produce a guide to help those concerned about development on their playing field

The ‘Community Rights for Sport Guidance’ helps clubs and other local groups to protect their pitches, pavilions, bowls clubs and swimming pools by listing them as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).  By listing them as an Asset of Community Value, organisations can help safeguard them by giving the local community the right to bid for them at a later date.

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Cornwall County Playing Fields Association AGM 13 December

ccpfa-thumbAll are welcome to attend Cornwall County Playing Fields Association (CCPFA) Annual General Meeting, to be held on Tuesday 13 December, 2pm at the Pit Building, Indian Queens.

Guest speaker Dick Cole will be talking about the new Indian Queens playground and there will be an option to visit the site with him after the AGM.  There will be a questions and answers session on committee skills and trustee recruitment followed by mince pies and refreshments.

For further information, please contact Tina Bilkey on 01726 821904 or email