Sports England produce a guide to help those concerned about development on their playing field

The ‘Community Rights for Sport Guidance’ helps clubs and other local groups to protect their pitches, pavilions, bowls clubs and swimming pools by listing them as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).  By listing them as an Asset of Community Value, organisations can help safeguard them by giving the local community the right to bid for them at a later date.

Sport England’s latest figures show that 91 per cent of all resolved planning applications that involved a playing field in 2014/15 resulted in improved or secured facilities.

Sport England’s role as the government body responsible for grassroots sport is to object to developments on playing fields if the provision of sport and activity will be negatively affected.  They  will often negotiate a new facility being built or existing pitches being upgraded so that people are able to get active in their local area.

Charles Johnston, Sport England property director, says: “Playing fields are a vital part of grassroots sport as they are often the place where people have their first experience of getting active…… Local authorities are under considerable pressure when it comes to planning, including the need to provide more housing locally. “What these figures show is that by thinking creatively and working with Sport England, sports provision can be protected at the same time as much needed development takes place.”

For more information on assets and guide lines please visit the Sports England website

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