CCPFA Mission Statement:

“The CCPFA support Cornish Playing Field Volunteers to protect and improve recreational land in Cornwall with the aim that everyone, whatever their age should have adequate recreational space within easy reach of their homes and to be encouraged then to use these assets”

CCPFA helping local communities to stay active

Cornwall County Playing Fields Association (CCPFA) is a Countywide charity that works with local communities helping them to improve their playing fields, playgrounds, open spaces and sports grounds. Offering advice on protecting and improving outdoor spaces and facilities.

CCPFA offers support across Cornwall to local community organisations and Town and Parish Councils.

On this website you can find information on becoming a member, free resources and useful links. For further information please contact us.

Our National Network can be accessed via the Fields in Trust website

New April 2017 Membership Survey

Message from the Chair 29/06/17

We all know that being outside and being active is essential for good health – particularly for young people. With increasing childhood obesity (1/3 of children are classed obese or overweight in the UK) and health benefits of activity and play well known, now is not the time for community playgrounds and open spaces to be closing – yet nationally there has been a worrying rise in their closure (210 closed between 2014 – 2016 and a further 234 scheduled to close in the near future).

Cornwall has over 300 open spaces (including playgrounds, sports fields and recreation fields) and increasingly, just as nationally, these are becoming more and more under threat (both  from developers keen to snap up land in prime locations and as a result of Cornwall Council’s Devolution Agenda).   At the same time volunteer Trustees/Committee members responsible for maintaining those open spaces are  having to work harder and harder to ensure that these essential community assets are well funded and maintained with  modern and safe equipment.

At the CCPFA we actively support these amazing Trustee/Committee volunteers by providing training and advice to assist them in their increasingly difficult roles.  Over the past 12 months we have offered free training to members on a variety of issues including; fundraising, health and safety issues, choosing the correct legal structure, running safe events, committee skills etc.  We have also held a number of networking and funding events including our “pasty and pint” evening where Trustees/Committees were able to meet and speak to funders direct e.g. Tesco Bags for Change  As a result of those workshops groups have been able to raise over £50,000 of funding for their open spaces this year.

In addition to running our training work- shops we have, as an organisation we had a busy year in which we:

  • Changed our legal structure to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and recruited 3 new Trustees
  • Developed our new website
  • Started “tweeting” on Twitter ( we now have over 120 followers)
  • Represented our members at various strategic events throughout the county and at County Hall
  • Made a short film with Dick Cole at St Enoder parish about their new playground and how they raised funds to purchase the equipment that their young people now how access to.
  • Carried out a 12 month consultation with our member groups to find out what activities and support they need from the CCPFA.Our results have shown that training (93%) is most needed followed by funding advice (90%) and advice on policies (65%). We have an ambitious programme for the forthcoming year to meet our member’s needs and protect and support more and more open spaces – but obviously what we can do is limited by the funds we have.We are entirely dependent on donations and receive no government funding.

We need your help therefore to make our efforts go even further!  You can help us put on more training and bring more funders into the county specifically to support and protect our open and green spaces and ultimately make our communities healthier. Your support is crucial to our efforts to support the volunteers who manage these open spaces and ensure that they have the training and help to keep those spaces open, well maintained and accessible to young people in our communities. If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation to help us achieve our mission of protecting our open spaces in Cornwall and supporting the volunteer Trustees and Committee members who try to run and maintain them.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go towards continuing the excellent training programme we run for members ( including new courses e.g. on gift aid), more funding events and developing a series of fun fact sheets which will engage young people in getting outdoors and investigating the wildlife and fauna in their local parks.

If you can make a donation to support us please email

Thank you again!

Peter Jefferson