CCPFA Mission Statement:

“The CCPFA support Cornish Playing Field Volunteers to protect and improve recreational land in Cornwall with the aim that everyone, whatever their age should have adequate recreational space within easy reach of their homes and to be encouraged then to use these assets”

CCPFA helping local communities to stay active

Cornwall County Playing Fields Association (CCPFA) is a Countywide charity that works with local communities helping them to improve their playing fields, playgrounds, open spaces and sports grounds. Offering advice on protecting and improving outdoor spaces and facilities.

CCPFA offers support across Cornwall to local community organisations and Town and Parish Councils.

On this website you can find information on becoming a member, free resources and useful links. For further information please contact us.

Our National Network can be accessed via the Fields in Trust website

Message from the Chair 02/07/20

As an organisation CCPFA has restructured and re-registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  This time consuming work has been conducted to allow CCPFA to update its output and purpose and to make us relevant for the playing fields of Cornwall for the 2020s.  Once we have completed all of the financial transfers the original Charity will be de-registered with the Charity Commission hopefully by late 2020.

Concurrent with our restructuring CCPFA has been using a Heritage Lottery Grant to look back at the history of CCPFA and its work since the 1970s.  Interviews have been conducted with many of the original Trustees and volunteers and along with the original minutes and other record books their insight will be written up and ultimately archived at the Cornwall Records Office Kreson Kernow in Redruth. (  This look back will also be used to relaunch the future CCPFA at an event in the Autumn of 2020.  The shape of this event is evolving and will of course be informed by the progress of Coronavirus.  The date will be published in due course.

Cornwall has over 300 open spaces (including playgrounds, sports fields and recreation fields) and almost all of thee are currently closed due to the health pandemic.  To try and help local Parish Councils and volunteers keep up with the transient pandemic based legislation our COVID News Page provides a distilled version of the current rules and regulations so far as we can determine them.

Even without the pandemic volunteer Trustees/Committee members responsible for maintaining those open spaces are  having to work harder and harder to ensure that these essential community assets are well funded and maintained with  modern and safe equipment.  At the CCPFA we are striving to actively support these amazing Trustee/Committee volunteers.  In our video section we have two short video guides. The first provides guidance on managing and supporting the volunteers that help you run your recreation space.  The second, titled accounts, looks at what information you as a group or small charity should be holding and or recording with the Charity Commission depending on your size and structure.  The main message is about keeping things in proportion, spend time deciding what your group really needs to do and don’t get confused by the demands on larger groups or different organisations with legal structures.

CCPFA Aims For 2020-2025

Looking forwards we are following through on the feedback from the survey of members that we conducted in 2017-18.  Our priorities are as follows:

  • To finish our look-back at CCPFA’s roots and complete the heritage Lottery project.
  • To provide playing field management, advice and support to Trustees.
  • To connect playing field managers to funding opportunities for their fields.
  • To make available templates for policies for field managers to try and help reduce their administrative work load

The additional issue is:

  • CCPFA will strive to help playing field managers to overcome the issues presented by Coronavirus.

We are a self funding charity and if you are able to support us I thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go towards continuing the excellent training programme we run for members ( including new courses e.g. on gift aid), more funding events and developing a series of fun fact sheets which will engage young people in getting outdoors and investigating the wildlife and fauna in their local parks.

If you can make a donation to support us please email

Thank you again!

Peter Jefferson